13 Ways to Get the Most Out of Skimlinks


In the world of affiliate marketing, with dozens of affiliate networks, thousands of merchants, and even more publishers, it can sometime be a frustrating process to monetize your blog or other platform. There are many tools at your disposal with Skimlinks, some of which you may already know and use, and some which you may not. Here are 13 different ways to use Skimlinks and its tools to your advantage, and optimize your blog to make Skimlinks as rewarding as possible.

Speak Our Language— Even if your site has been approved for Skimlinks, if you don’t install the code, it’s impossible for us to change your links into affiliate links. Therefore, even before you start posting links, make sure that the code is installed in your site’s footer. Just go to Setup & Settings in your Publisher Interface and click on installation! Once you’ve done this, it becomes possible for you to start earning commissions!

Link Together— Be sure that whenever you mention a product on your blog or website, you link to a retailer or shop where you can buy it. Skimlinks works with links so, when you can, try and make sure that the link you use goes straight to the product you’re mentioning, and not the site’s homepage.
Imagine it—One of the most intuitive and engaging tools every blogger can appreciate is images—they help readers imagine owning whatever product they’re showcasing. Skimlinks tools can affiliate links embedded in images, so make sure that you utilize them!

Skimwords— Skimlinks may be the right tool for some, but others may prefer the more intuitive Skimwords. Skimwords technology has the unique ability to scan for specific product references, and then geo-targets and links the buyer to the most relevant retailer of that particular product. So, even if you forget to link, Skimwords can still find and affiliate product references- if you have it activated! You can activate Skimwords in your Publisher Interface.

Disclose— Of course, you never want to hoodwink your followers. Make sure you let your viewers know you may potentially benefit from any links on the blog by adding a Skimlinks banner. If you do this, you can also earn 35% of what any other publishers you refer earn, if they decide to use us.
Get In The Know—One of best benefits of using Skimlinks is the ability to view reports, showing you exactly what is working and what isn’t using the Reporting API. This tool on Skimlinks is one of the most fundamental ways to monitor your progress as a monetized blogger. For example, the Reporting API lets you see the value of your commission and order, plus whether its active or not. This helps you figure which links are getting clicked, and which ones aren’t seeing as much traffic, which can help you start targeting those particular merchants or products. Our publisher interface also has great reporting tools and they’re getting better all the time. Click here if you are interested in being a beta tester for our new, faster interface!
Looking Back—If you have already been using affiliate marketing before Skimlinks, good for you! If you’ve been using Amazon affiliate links, we understand that you may not want Skimlinks to place our links over Amazon affiliate links in your content with Skimlinks. We provide an Amazon Overwrite, which allows you to activate or de-activate our Amazon overwrite capabilities; (SPOILER ALERT : Amazon is one of our Preferred Partners with whom we’ve negotiated higher commissions, so you just may make higher commissions with the overwrite ON)!
Let them Search—Other than affiliate links, there are other ways to earn commissions on the sales you influence. Notably, Skimlinks has “Search Widgets,” which can effectively increase your potential for commission. Search Widgets, like the two we have from eBay and Amazon (two of the world’s biggest retailers) allow you to profit any time that a member of your audience uses the search widget and makes a purchase through the retailer associated with the widget.

Keep it Tight— Of course, any blogger knows that in order to survive, you can’t just have a blog. There are multitudes of different social media platforms available at anyone’s disposal, ranging from the standard Twitter account to the niche deviantart. But, especially in tweets, who has the space for a big, long product link? One of the tools at the disposal of any Skimlink user is the URL shortener which can help you continue your message across many social media platforms.
Get “The Scoop”—Our 18,000+ database of merchants are constantly updating and offering different deals that you can share with your readers, especially as some offer much higher commission rates. Our Merchant Team sends a newsletter and posts new deals in the Merchant Scoop; be sure to check it out for the latest specials and sales from our top merchants.
Chatterbox— In having a product discussion section of your blog, you can ensure that your readers can become involved in what you’re writing about, and potentially earn you more commission.
Generate Traffic—There are several ways to increase the amount of traffic your website sees. One of the ways is to make sure that you discuss different topics that are prevalent within your field to interest new readers. Another way is to engage with other websites or blogs in your niche to raise awareness to the similarity between their blog and yours.
Ask for Help— if you encounter any problems, our Learning Center has a multitude of resources to help you, from going through the approval process, down to optimizing your account.

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